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Bangkok, Thailand, 2019 — Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Grateful for you everyday & a little extra today.

I didn’t sleep well last night & woke up feeling a bit exhausted & cranky.

I needed to drop my partner off at his gig & was trying to shift my energy but the exhaustion was winning, especially since we have…

Throughout my life I’ve had many people reflect how lucky I am.

Often with an undercurrent of jealousy or self-deprecation that their life is a struggle and they could never possibly have or do what I have.

While I acknowledge I have had many, many blessings in my life, I…

If you do not leave now, you are going to die.

These are the words I heard reverberating through my mind as I was lifelessly trudging to work on a cold, bitter, New York City, winter morning. The weight of every step I took was so heavy, it was as…

Hope Street ~ One Way ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ taken on a trip in 2011
Hope Street ~ One Way ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ taken on a trip in 2011

The other day I was going a little crazy searching & searching for a note I was convinced was on a piece of paper in my office (I’m a creative who LOVES sticky notes & putting pen to paper…so there were piles to comb through). It was a divine download…

We have an unprecedented & rare gift of time and S P A C E right now. How are you spending this incredibly precious time? This is not ignoring or trivializing the terror, devastation, heartache & death so many people are experiencing. Nor is this about the doctors, nurses, all…

True Love Unlocked

Photo: by JL Ropas ~ Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France ~ Love Locks, 2012

I met my true love at birth, but it took a 31 year journey to discover this. Life is like a roller coaster and love is the fuel that propels the car, our vessel, along the tracks. Filled with ups and downs, twisty turns, slow then fast…

Now more than ever, it is time to remember the truth of who you are.
Please take the time to invest in rediscovering you.
This is the key to healing the world.
No one is going to save you, except yourself.
Dig deep.
And feel the truth that you are love and a Divine miracle…

Janet-Lee Ropas

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