Are You a Woman Living with an ignitedHEART?

Janet-Lee Ropas
3 min readMar 16, 2021
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What does it mean to live with an ignitedHEART? It is a revolutionary way of living, with joy & pleasure as the gateway, leading you to create the life & love of your dreams. The life you were born for. It is the embodiment of the lifestyle of a Goddess…a Queen.

A woman with an ignitedHEART is MAGNETIC.

She has reclaimed her power & truth. She knows she is worthy of every heart whisper & dream that lives inside her. Then she becomes unstoppable and unapologetic, in how she moves through the world. She dances everyday, allowing only her heart to take the lead.

For she knows, when she does, the world becomes a field of infinite possibilities.

She is a force of nature because she knows she is one with nature.

A woman with an ignitedHEART:

  • stands fully in her power, having shed the veils masking her truth and dimming her light
  • is the Queen of her sacred domain…including her body temple & spiritual, mental & emotional terrains
  • creates fierce but loving boundaries
  • leaps to the whispers of her heart
  • unapologetically moves in the world, because she knows she is carried by grace
  • has risen into the fullness of her Divinity — she is a vessel of love
  • knows she is worthy of every dream & desire she holds in her sacred heart
  • lives fully expressed…unapologetically

A woman with an ignitedHEART has an insatiable hunger to live and love with wild abandon.

The path of the ignitedHEART is filled with laughter, joy, pleasure, wonder, smiles, hugs, kisses, exploration, and dancing…lots and lots of dancing, to the beats of your unique heart and soul whispers. A woman with an ignitedHEART wears her crown high, is present, rooted in her truth, and empowered by the reclamation of all parts of herself. She is light and love and magnetizes all her dreams & desires with grace. A woman with an ignitedHEART has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. Her presence radiates Fierce Grace and you know when she walks into a room because her force is undeniable.

This woman lives within you.

The secret to igniting your heart…is to fall in love with yourself. Love yourself so fully, tenderly, & compassionately, as you would a new lover. Fill your cup first by putting yourself as #1 on your ‘to-do’ list. Everyday. Always. Start small — 15 minutes every morning — just for you — non-negotiable. Meditate, pray, dance, journal, paint, sip a cup of your favorite tea in silence or listening to your favorite song, step outside to connect with nature. You can do more than you think in 15 minutes. It is enough to begin to create a shift, if you devote yourself to the practice of worshipping you first. It all starts with claiming the space. I dare you to be so bold as to lavish & focus on yourself the way you desire to be lavished & given attention by a lover — mind, body, & spirit.

Give it a try & let me know how it goes as you embark on the journey of igniting your heart.

And if you already have a sacred daily practice just for you, I’d love to hear what it is?

I believe in you.

You are more powerful than you know.





Janet-Lee Ropas

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