I Am Not Lucky

Janet-Lee Ropas
3 min readNov 24, 2021

Throughout my life I’ve had many people reflect how lucky I am.

Often with an undercurrent of jealousy or self-deprecation that their life is a struggle and they could never possibly have or do what I have.

While I acknowledge I have had many, many blessings in my life, I used to feel a bit angry when people said this.

They had NO idea the struggles, the pain, the fires, the grief, the self-abusive inner critic, shy, introverted, traumatized parts of me I had to fight my way out of.

Once I fought my way out, I then had to painstakingly learn how to build the muscles of surrender, self-trust, deep self-compassion, forgiveness & most importantly, self-love.

I’ve died & rose from the ashes, like a Phoenix rising, too many times to count.

Just in this lifetime.

And I’m an ollllllld soul.

I’m tired people. ;)

Photo by me: NYC — the universe is always whispering to us. Remain open to the signs like this heart cloud, showing that the light always finds a way through & blessings abound.

Of course, there is much more to this story.

For now, I want to share the single most constant in my life…the thing that has gotten me through it all…is faith.

Well actually 2 things…

Faith & the unshakeable belief that love wins.

Don’t get me wrong, the world is F’ed up right now. There are too many places where fear is steering the wheel instead of love.

AND still I have faith, because I have seen the tenderness, the vulnerability, the compassion, the empathy, the unconditional love of so many people.

From all walks of life. Literally. I’ve traveled the world (so far I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica).

Family would be terrified of the places I’d travel on my own because of what they had heard on the news, but I would land someplace new & see the same constant…humans are inherently kind.

And more than anything we all are aching to be seen & loved…unconditionally…for the truth of who we are.

Imperfectly perfect. Silly, strange, eccentric, hot messes, fumbling around this wild land called Earth.

I don’t just blindly lean on faith, I actively dance with the universe. I’m in daily conversation — praying, asking for support, setting intentions, claiming my desires, asking for more support, surrendering & opening up to receive.

I dare to dream AND have faith that the whispers in my heart are meant for me. I dare to take leaps according to my own unique beats.

That isn’t luck, that is surrender & trust in me & the Divine (universe / spirit / goddess / god…whatever resonates for you) AND taking consistent action, no matter how scared I am (and I’m scared all the time).

I didn’t receive some magic luck pill at birth, I dared to defy the cultural norms & trust in the unknown.

Because really…everything is unknown. So why not live life in the way that brings you the most joy.

I invite you to take 1 baby step toward the thing that is burning in your heart & scares you.

One teeny, tiny step.

Then tomorrow take the next teeny, tiny step.

Repeat until where you are standing is the life where your dreams have come true.

If you need a little boost of faith, I’m very excited to be offering (beginning next week) personalized Divine Whispers — messages of love, meant to offer comfort, wisdom, hope, and reminders of the incredible power you hold within.

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P.S. I have faith in you.


*I acknowledge the privilege I have being born a white, female, in New York, USA (one of the wealthiest states & countries in the world). Looking out from that blurred lens of privilege, this is a share of some experiences I’ve had walking the earth in the body & circumstances I was born within. My hope & prayer is that someday we never have to write footnotes like this because everyone will be free & equal.




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