Love Cape

Janet-Lee Ropas
2 min readMay 22, 2018

Now more than ever, it is time to remember the truth of who you are.
Please take the time to invest in rediscovering you.
This is the key to healing the world.
No one is going to save you, except yourself.
Dig deep.
And feel the truth that you are love and a Divine miracle and nothing “out” in the world can change that.
Find your truth within and then put on your love cape and soar throughout the world helping others to wake up to their truth too.
This is a collective effort.
We are all responsible for the world healing, not corrupt systems of government.
One Heart.

It often feels like we are helpless, that the problems are “too” big to solve.
Yet, as individuals we have more power than we could ever possibly imagine to help change this.
The world isn’t shitty, how we think and act in fear, doubt, shame, blame, and the hateful words we use to talk to ourselves is shitty…all of those thoughts manifest into painful, horrible acts.
We feel outrage over the news of extreme acts of violence (rightfully so), yet we do not get outraged with how violent we are with ourselves.
The inner critic is one of the most lethal weapons.
And we use it, ceaselessly on ourselves, daily.
It is time to heal that for ourselves, first, before the world can heal.

I hear the inner critic even in people’s posts sending out prayers of healing to the victims.
They often hold an undertone of fear and hatred for the attackers.
Generating more fear and hatred is not going to heal the world.
Pray for the victims AND pray for the attackers.
Think about how tortured their minds must be and how disconnected from their hearts they are to inflict violence.

Instead of attacking the attackers, let’s send them love and compassion and forgiveness. (I am NOT saying condone their actions, no, but find a way to transmute the evil with love).
Let’s pray that every soul remembers their true calling, which is to be love.
Be love so that others may remember that they are love and move away from fear and hatred.
We are not separate from each other, we are all connected.
Let’s all stand in love and so stand in peace.
I pray that we all have the courage to choose to adorn our love capes and soar with big heart.

Photo: Gratitude to the Artist ~ Unknown





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