It Has Been Right In Front Of You The Whole Time

Janet-Lee Ropas
6 min readMay 3, 2021
Hope Street ~ One Way ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ taken on a trip in 2011
Hope Street ~ One Way ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ taken on a trip in 2011

The other day I was going a little crazy searching & searching for a note I was convinced was on a piece of paper in my office (I’m a creative who LOVES sticky notes & putting pen to paper…so there were piles to comb through). It was a divine download I received about the themes for the ignitedHEART Goddess Gatherings for the rest of the year. I remembered how swiftly the themes came through & rushing to write them down. Often times when that happens, as much as I love pen & paper, the notes app on my phone is most convenient. I checked there 1st, but didn’t see it. I went through the papers twice, calling on my angels to help me uncover this swiftly & had the nudge to go back to my notes app. It was there, in front of me the whole time. When I searched I didn’t use the abbreviation I cleverly noted while typing…🤦🏻‍♀🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Here’s another one I do sometimes…dig in my purse…walk around the house looking for my sunglasses that are on top of my head. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Can you relate to this? When what you were looking for was right in front of you the whole time?

Which had me thinking about how often we are looking for grand, neon light, flashing signs of affirmation, confirmation, and guidance from the universe on what our next right step is. We want the fireworks, bells & whistles, the loud concert saying, “YES, THIS WAY. THIS IS THE PATH & CORRECT DIRECTION TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS. ALL THOSE DESIRES & LONGINGS YOU FEEL IN YOUR HEART. [INSERT ARROW pointing forward with big bold letters saying: THIS WAY].

But that just isn’t how the universe…the divine…rolls…unless….you’ve been ignoring the subtle signs soooooo much, the only way it can get your attention is to smack you over the head with it. That’s not the fun fireworks, bells & whistles sign we want. That is a bomb going off, telling you it is time to GTFOT (get the f*%k outta there). We don’t want those signs. Trust me, I know. Mine came as low level depression, disembodiment that caused a slew of health issues, financial hardship, bedbugs, and…a few others. Case in point. No bueno. No fun.

Paris, France 2012

Yet, if we keep our hearts open, have faith, cultivate daily practices of joy & pleasure, take frequent breaks out in nature, and intentionally connect with the wonder that is all around us, we can begin to see the subtle & frequent signs that the universe is providing us.

Like the Hope Street sign above, through repeating numbers on license plates or on the clock, a book title, or a phrase in a song, and through other people. Ever have a brief encounter with a stranger & they say something that resonates so deeply? It could be something simple but you hear it as quite profound. It validates something you are feeling, ignites a light bulb & suddenly you have clarity, where just a moment before you felt stuck. They were an angelic messenger for you that day & had you not taken a moment to talk with them, you may have pushed away the support & sacred wisdom that was right in front of you.

Sometimes the signs come as a popcorn trail, as one of my 1st mentors described it. I had recently left working on a Wall Street trading floor & began traveling the world, as a 1st step to returning home to me. During these two years of exploration I was beginning to feel a nudge to move from New York City to San Francisco, after my travels. I always loved it there and after doing so much global traveling on my own, moving across the country no longer seemed so daunting. Instead of pushing this thought away or over-analyzing it, I began to listen. I knew it wasn’t time yet to make this leap but the idea of it felt exhilarating & the good kind of scary. In this surrender & openness to be guided by the Divine, my San Francisco popcorn trail began. The picture above, of the “San Francisco Book Co” was taken in Paris during my time of opening up to the possibility of moving. I was walking (without looking at my phone…less time on devices is key to being able to fully receive Divine signs) and this store stopped me in my tracks. I mean I was in PARIS and there was a big sign saying San Francisco. What are the chances of that?! I tucked this sign away in my heart. Then more little pieces of ‘popcorn’ began to show-up about San Francisco. No-one else around me was receiving these messages so I knew I was being divinely guided. I would hear a song that would talk about SF, read a blog & someone would mention SF or even read of someone making a leap to move there. I signed up for a mentoring program and the invitation had one of SF’s iconic symbols, the Golden Gate bridge, in the background. Then one of the most random things that happened, was in between one of my trips I did some temp work at an office. It was the summer & quite warm so I tried turning on the desk fan but realized it wasn’t plugged in. I literally had to crawl under the desk to find the outlet & as I was doing this, in the very back corner I saw a piece of paper so I picked it up & as I flipped it over, it was a postcard of San Francisco. I had full body chills. The universe was making sure it was abundantly clear that I knew these signs were in fact for me. At the end of my travels I did make the leap to move to San Francisco & to date this is my 7th year living in California.

Our dreams, our burning desires, our visions are ours to co-create with the Divine. They are in our hearts for a reason…for us to blossom into them. We often stop ourselves out of fear & stories that we do not know the way, yet the universe is guiding us every step of the way…if we are open to receive AND trust the signs.

I am curious to know…do you have a story or stories of times when the signs you were hoping for were right in front of you the whole time? Did you notice them in the moment or maybe later on? I’d love to hear — please share — comment below or send me a message.

If you are interested in learning more about Divine signs, I will be diving into this at the next ignitedHEART Goddess Gathering on May 8. It is one of my favorite things to talk about & something I support all my clients with — learning how to deepen their connection to their heart & own magical divine signs.

ignitedHEART Goddess Gathering

Saturday, May 8 ~ theme: The Magic of Prayer & Divine Signs

With a focus on:

  • Life is a Prayer & it is Sexy
  • The What & Why of Prayer
  • The Power of & Benefits of Prayer
  • Calling in your unconditionally loving support team, from the cosmic realms, so you can begin to flow more with life instead of push & force.
  • Divine Signs — what they are, how to notice them & understand that they are a part of the link to your heart compass, guiding you towards your dreams.

All women are invited ~ if this speaks to your heart, you can learn more HERE.



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